Mrs. Doyle Kit
Mrs. Doyle Kit

Mrs. Doyle Kit

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Stack 'em up and bake like trooper with Farrelly's Famous Pancake & Soda Bread Mix. Enough Buttermilk to see you through the easy-to-make packs, the yummiest orangiest yolked eggs you can find for that perfect golden pancake (and a little over-easy treat on the side), a few blueberries to chuck in the batter, and a cuppa Barry's tea to get you to the end of the cooking! Arah sure go on, go on, go on.....

Kit containing

one bag of Farrelly's Famous Irish Soda Bread Mix,

one bag of Farrelly's Famous Pancake Mix,

two 1 L Buttermilk,

one  box of Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea

30 free range organic  Eggs

200 g of frozen wild  Blueberries