Time is precious. With just a few clicks, you can receive your Farrelly's Famous order for Pickup from our brick-and-mortar location ,The George Street Diner, 129 George Street, Toronto Ontario or order delivered right to your doorstep to a few selected postal codes on our route, We are open from Wednesday to Friday 8am - 2pm and Saturday - Sunday 8am-3pm and will deliver to your door from Wednesday to Sunday Afternoon please let us know a time you’re your about.(minimum for delivery is $40 ) or just give us a call 416-862-7676 if ya need real person help. We are currently closed: Monday and Tuesday due to Covid. If you need to contact us, email us FARRELLYSFAMOUS@GMAIL.COM. Thank you for your support of our wee Irish Canadian Business it is muchly appreciated and needed to keep our Diner Alive during this Crazzzzy time in History. We don’t want to become history…
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Tunnock's Snowballs - 4 Pack

Tunnock's Snowballs - 4 Pack

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Marshmallow-coconut goodness, they're not lying when they say these snowballs melt in your mouth, and on your fingers, and stick to your face and clothes.... you may not be as messy as me, but if you are - the pay off is still worth it. Delicious!